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Scouting is not just about knots, but there are other things we talk about that don't even make sense to some Scouts...

Back Woods Cooking

A back wood (not "backwards" as often misheard) is your local wood, as in your back garden.

So, back woods cooking is cooking in the open on a fire, sometimes with no pans or implements.

Also known as Camp Cooking.

Bivy or Bivouac An improvised or temporary tent, made from local materials or a groundsheet.
Camp Cooking See Back Woods Cooking above.
Drop Hike Participants are dropped off at an unknown location with a map.  They then have to work out where they are, and then hike to the known finishing point.
Extreme Investiture An Investiture Ceremony in an unusual or "extreme" place.
Investiture Ceremony Where a young person, or adult, makes the Scout Promise and becomes a member of the Scouting Association.

A large camp, usually with international visitors. 

Our last Jamboree was in 2009, click here to read the news article.

 Pioneering The art of using ropes and wooden spars joined by lashings and knots to create a structure, such as rafts, sky-saws or go-karts.
 Wide Game A type of game played in a large area, such as a field or wood.
 Wood Badges

The Wood Badge is a Scouting programme and Award for adults in the Scout associations around the world.

The Wood Badge course is designed so that adult Scouters can learn; in as practical a way possible, the skills and methods of Scouting.

On completion, participants are still awarded the beads to recognize their significant achievement in leadership and direct service to young people, and to welcome them to membership of 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group.





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