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Group History

The exact origins of the "1 St Crockenhill Scout Group" are uncertain as there are many conflicting memories and reports from past and present members, but what has remaind intact is the date. 

The troop was formed in 1910 when a group of boys following the Scouting for Boys manual were found camping on Harvest fields by the local choir master of the local church.

After that they and met at various haunts in the village including the railway sidings and was there that they obtained the original Troop name "1 St Swanley Junction and Crockenhill Scout Group".


 Due to the limited data recorded of that period we have uncovered that Mr R C Richards was appointed the groups Asistant Scout Master in November 1910 and he lived in Station Road near the High Street in Swanley.



Sadley during the time of the WW1 records are non excistent


See's the Group meeting in the Mission Room Swanley Junction "now the Baptist church Crockenhill and at the time with 26 Scouts. The Scout master at that time was an Miss Jane Wender of Claremont Terrace Hextable, & Asistant Scout Master Mr S. Booker of White Oak School Swanley. then under Dartford District.


Group Scout master: Mr D.Lipscomb, ScoutMaster S.Rywneth, Cub Miss E. lipscomb

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