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Night Hike & Ballista Pioneering Camp

23rd October 2011

The first camp since the summer holidays started off with a cross-country night hike from the Scout Hut to the District Campsite in Farningham Woods.


To make it extra special, six new Scouts were invested under the M25 at a subway not far from Eagle Heights.  

As you can see from the Photo Gallery here, the flash on the Scout Leader’s camera didn’t really help with the picture.

The hike was about 8.5km (5.3 miles), so a good distance for the new Scouts, and we achieved a very commendable time of just under 2 hours (including the investitures).


The following morning was started by collecting firewood, and the Scouts put some abandoned items they found in the woods to good use.


In the afternoon, we started work on a pioneering project – to build a Roman Ballista (a form of catapult).
It took quite a bit of effort, but we had a good time firing tennis balls on Sunday after it was properly finished.

For more photos, click here.   


Correction:  I’ve subsequently learnt that it was actually a Trebuchet that we built. 

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