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District Beavers' Mole Trophy 2010

9th October 2010

Beaver Scouts from all around Swanley compete for the Mole Trophy. 

Dozens of Beaver Scouts from all over the District gathered for a day of fun challenges and to see who would take the Mole Trophy back to their Beaver Scout Colony.
The challenges tested Map Reading, Memory, Spelling, and Mental & Physical Agility.

DSCF0155.JPG Map Reading was tested by getting the young people

 to work out grid references superimposed over

 a canine cartoon character.  Can you tell who he is?




Mental agility was tested by playing “Kim’s Game”, a traditional memory game for Scouts.  


DSCF0162.JPGThe Spelling challenge was to make as many words  

as possible using the letters in the phrase  

“Beaver Scouts have fun and make new friends!”  

The winning tally was 15 - could you do better?


DSCF0176.JPGPhysical agility was tested with a Towers of Hanoi game,

 and if you look closely you’ll see that it’s been

 autographed by a celebrity. 

 If you need a clue, take a look at this news article.




The Beaver Scouts even had time left over 

for some tasty biscuit decorating

and for making finger puppets.



At the end of the afternoon, it was 1st Crockenhill Beaver Scouts who took the trophy back to their Colony.


The Mole Trophy has been run every year since 1993 in memory of Dawn Drury,

a Beaver Scout Leaver of the Ash Green Colony.


  For more Photos, click here.

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