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Freezer Camp

12th February 2012

This year's Freezer Camp was truly freezing with several cm of snow on the ground,
and predicted overnight temperatures of -4° C !

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So, the decision was made to stay in the Scout Hut on the Friday night and setup camp Saturday morning.  
Otherwise, we might have all frozen before getting our tents pitched or even starting a campfire.

The first task on Saturday when we got to the campsite was to get that campfire going!  We then trampled down the snow before putting up our tents, as compacted snow makes a good insulator.

We made sure the Scouts kept warm in the afternoon by playing a few wide games and the inevitable snowball fight.
Unfortunately, despite having several bags of marshmallows ready to roast over the campfire, staying up late last night watching a DVD at the Scout Hut took its toll and the Scouts had an early night on the Saturday.  Leaving the leaders in the cold !  
Well, it wasn't really that cold, as we had a good campfire going by then.

Sunday morning presented a few challenges, as the caps to the water containers had frozen solid.  
No morning tea - a disaster!  An emergency trip was made back to the Scout Hut for replacement water containers, and breakfast got under way.

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