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Christmas Bag Packing

19th December 2011

Christmas fund raising event for Swanley Scouts

Once again, the ASDA Supermarket in Swanley kindly agreed to host our annual Christmas fund raising event known as "Bag Packing", and for the first time it lasted for three days.

"Bag Packing" is when dozens of Cub Scouts and Scouts from three Scout Groups local to Swanley help ASDA shoppers to pack their bags in the hope of receiving donations.  This year it was the 2nd Swanley, 6th Swanley (Birchwood) and 1st Crockenhill Scout Groups who took part.

At one point on the Sunday, we had all of the open tills attended to by Scouts.

Last year, our Group's share was sufficient to pay just over half of the expected Scout Membership Subscriptions, and by the end of Monday it looks like we've done it again!

So, thanks to all Parents for their support, and a big "Well Done" to all of the Scouts for their hard work!


FYI: All Scout Leaders and Helpers are volunteers, and the Membership Subscription is to support the local, county and national headquarters in providing the invaluable support and resources that enables the Scouting movement to flourish.
As a result, Scouting remains one of the most affordable extra-curricular activities for young people today. 

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